Sunday, 1 December 2013

Travels with Justin

I got hold of a book I had been on the hunt after for some time. I finally managed to track it down in Marylebone Public Library up near Regents Park, which for a lunchtime mission from my workplace in Mayfair was no mean feat - there and back in under an hour on foot.

The Tome in question is 'The Man Who Invented History - Travels with Herodotus' by Justin Marozzi. I had seen some decent reviews of this 2008 publication and wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Its early days yet as I have only just started it but I immediately noted and approved of his reference to the Plutarch essay (De Malignitate Herodoti). Here is a brief quote where Justin is talking about the essay:

' With every page of this fantastically unpleasant little volume, Plutarch plunges the dagger further in. 'The Malice in Herodotus is certainly less chafing and gentler than that in Theopompus, but it takes better hold and bites deeper, like winds that come as draughts through cracks compared with those that blow in the open.' With an entertaining if unintentional irony, Plutarch launches repeated broadsides against a dead man he accuses of 'mean and partisan attacks'.

I have a feeling that Justin might approve of my previous efforts to right the balance!

By the way next week will be the last of this first years LEGENDUM and I was thinking of getting together to celebrate. I know it hasn't been a year exactly but it feels as though we have all made it work together and we should all give ourselves a libation of something nice to drink and a pat on the back. I was thinking of the Inn at the top of Norman Road..let me know if you have any interesting suggestions and perhaps we can finalise something when we meet next Sunday.

Until then

Hail Herodotus!

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