Monday, 11 November 2013

Herodotus - The birth of history


Thanks to all for making it on Sunday. It was very enjoyable and I feel we got a lot out of the mental effects of The Illiad as the reader interacts with this great epic work. I hope we will come back to Homer at a later time to investigate the Odyssey with the same level of passionate enquiry and enthusiasm. A level of intense and curious investigation that Herodotus himself I am sure have heartily approved of. Below is a list of the sections we agreed to focus on for the next gathering of chariots which will be on the 8th of next month. I will post in more detail on Herodotus and his work in due course but for now the list and some book/page references. The references are in relation to the Penguin Classics edition of the Selincourt translation so may not be of much use but you might be able to flick through and find these gems. As always if you can find different translations do bring them along since text comparison really adds to the understanding of how different individuals through the ages have approached thus fascinating and eminently readable work.

1. Candaules and his wife. Bk.1 p.16

2. Solon and Croesus. Bk.1 p. 23 to 48

3. Rhampsinitus. Bk. 2 p. 147 to 150

4. Xerxes crosses the Hellespont. Bk. 7
 p.428 to 431

5. Egyptian funerary customs. Bk. 2 p.131 to 135

Look out for more posts soon!

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