Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Bradfield College - The Amphitheatre

I think I mentioned this when we last met and floated the vague possibility of attending a performance there. I discover that the amphitheatre, originally built on a disused chalk pit under the directions of a former headmaster of the college, a Doctor Grey, in 1890, has been undergoing reconstruction and has just completed its final phase so it should be ready for a performance this summer 2014. I have sent an email to the headmaster to find out further details of the forthcoming performance.
You can read more about the reconstruction project and the amphitheatre here.

The last time I was there was 1983 when I went with my Greek master and a colleague to see a performance of Antigone. I remember the experience as totally engrossing so if we can pull this off as a Legendum  daytrip for the summer – I think it could well be a highlight of the year! The college is in Berkshire just off the M4 near Reading and about 2 hours by car, so although not close, it is a feasible day trip distance. I will keep you posted with any developments as to more details and once they are known we can make some logistical plans to get us all there and back.
The date of the performance is around the middle of June this year, but I will give you more accurate info the minute I get it.



  1. I remember flashes of that day, Steve, sitting on a hard step so long time ago - much of it blurred, but I do remember the wailing, the tempo of the verse, and the tapping of rhythm with a staff - it was a like a strange meal full of exotic flavours but
    never fully comfortable ...the colleague (David Cleasby)

  2. Thanks for commenting! Yes it has stuck in my psyche all these years and I have been meaning to go back there one day for quite a while. The gods will it, it seems since this year there is going to be performance and guess what...its going to be Antigone!! The dates for matinee performances are 22nd and 26 the, which I am still in the process of confirming with the college. It would be a great day trip for the LEGENDUM group but also for us it would be an incredible return visit... Classically mind shattering!