Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Letters List, Crunching Aristotle and Senca as Statesman

So here is the list of Seneca's letters I have have drawn up based upon suggestions and with a couple of additions. Please let me know in comments if you have any changes or additions or..well, comments!

1. On Saving Time

4. On the Terrors of Death

16. On Philosophy, the Guide of Life

19. On Worldliness and Retirement  (or why go back to Plato's cave once you have left it?!)

41. On the God within us

49. On the Shortness of Life (cf. Bede's Sparrow)

58. On Being

87. Some Arguments in Favour of the Simple Life

97. On the Degeneracy of the Age

119. On Nature as our best Provider

123. On the Conflict between Pleasure and Virtue

Let me know what you think. I am off to delve into Aristotle's Physics Book VI..which looks very crunchy indeed.

There is also a book which I will be looking into called: 'Senca as a philosopher in politics' Miriam Griffin OUP 1992, which tries to construct Seneca's career and place him as a philosopher within the context of Roman statesmanship of the transitional period between the Republic and the Principate. Some boning up on Neronian statecraft and realpolitik might also be useful Seneca reminds us..time 'aint long.

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